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Rapid Deployment Fast Paint System Review

Finding the time to paint all of your minis and still having time to play with them is a challenge faced by many hobbyists, especially those involved in mass battle games involving a lot of models.

In an attempt to solve this issue, and enable hobbyists to paint large amounts of models to a tabletop standard in a relatively small amount of time, Warlord Games have released the Rapid Deployment Fast Paint System. This is a range of products developed in association with The Army Painter, and is based on their spray, paint, dip, done technique.

Warlord Game Core Paint SetWarlord Games Bolt Action Soviet Army Paint Set

Warlord Games Bolt Action US Army Paint SetWarlord Games Bolt Action German Army Paint SetWarlord Games Bolt Action British Army Paint Set

The selection of paint sets available is quite small, with the range comprising of the Warlord Core Paint Set and 4 Bolt Action army specific paint sets (British, US, German and Soviet). The Core Paint Set is made up of 8 paints, matt varnish, and Army Painters Strongtone Quickshade, whilst the Bolt Action sets are slightly smaller with 5 colours, matt varnish and the Strongtone Quickshade.

So, are these sets worth getting and are they value for money? This depends entirely on what you want to achieve from your painting, and how high your skill level is. The paints are of a good quality, they give decent coverage and when thinned with a little water they flow nicely off the brush. These are not unique selling points however, as you will get the same quality from both Citadel and Vallejo paints. The Quickshade is a good quality product, allowing for a model to be shaded easily using just one all over coat instead of different colour shades for different areas of the model.

As for whether the sets are good value for money, this is easy to answer. Yes they are. Getting one of these sets will save you a small amount of money when compared to buying the contents individually.

The main selling point for these paint sets is that they are designed to be used for the Rapid Deployment Fast Painting Technique, which as I said earlier is based on The Army Painters spray, paint, dip, done technique. The colours that are included have been selected so that you can get your models painted, shaded and on the battlefield in quick time. There is no need for highlighting or advanced painting techniques. With this in mind they achieve what they have been designed to do. Sure, the finished products will not win any painting competitions and you are left with a very basic figure, but if all you want is perfectly nice looking figures, painted quickly and ready to use this technique is perfect.

If you are looking for a good value set of paints that you can use to get your models on the battlefield quickly then these paint sets are a good purchase. However, if you want to take your time and paint your minis with more details then these paint sets might not be for you. That being said it might be worth investing in one or more as you will still get a slight discount on the paints included.

The guys at Spikeybits have done a review of these sets, including a look at how the system works and showing the results of using the Bolt Action German Paint Set on a German Soldier. Its a good article and is worth a look if you are interested in the quality of finish that can be achieved.

I have also used a variation of this technique to paint the Brute Drones from the Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings core set, and will be posting an article showing the process and the end results soon.


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