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Age of Sigmar Soul Wars

Age of Sigmar Soul Wars

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The Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars box set contains:

52 ETB Push Fit plastic miniatures

  • 19 Magic Wielding Stormcast Eternals From The Sacrosanct Chamber:
  • 1 Lord-Arcanum On Gryph-Charger: A Splendidly-Armoured, Mounted Centrepiece Carrying An Aetherstave
  • 1 Knight-Incantor: This Female Stormcast Eternals Wizard Is Armed With An Incantor’s Staff, And Carries Spirit Flasks And A Voidstorm Scroll
  • 3 Evocators: A Unit Of Stormcast Eternals Wizards, Each Armed With A Tempest Blade And Stormstave, Led By An Evocator-Prime
  • 1 Unit Of 5 Castigators: Each Armed With A Thunderhead Greatbow Specially Designed To Destroy The Ethereal, This Unit Is Led By A Castigator-Prime
  • 8 Sequitors: Led By A Sequitor-Prime, This Unit Of Fearsome Warriors Is Armed With Stormsmite Mauls, Along With Soulshields
  • 1 Celestar Ballista: A Large Piece Of Mobile Artillery That Launches Bolts Of Blessed Sigmarite
  • 33 NightHaunt Undead:
  • 1 Knight Of Shrouds On Ethereal Steed: A Particularly Sinister Nighthaunt Leader Atop A Skeletal Steed Wearing Ram’s Horns, He Wields A Sword Of Stolen Hours In His Right Hand
  • 1 Lord Executioner: Distinguishable By The Macabre Gallows Lashed To His Back (And The Screaming Souls Surrounding It), This Miniature Is Armed With A Decapitating Greataxe
  • 1 Guardian Of Souls: This Nighthaunt Wizard Carries A Chill Blade In His Left Hand, With A Tall Nightmare Lantern In The Other, Used To Summon The Spirits Of The Dead
  • 1 Spirit Torment: Masked And Pitiless, This Miniature Uses The Heavy Shacklegheist Chains He Carries To Attack His Enemies In Swinging Arcs
  • 4 Grimghast Reapers: Cursed, Indiscriminate Killers, The Grimghast Reapers Are Armed With Double-Handed Slasher Scythes
  • 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers: Unstoppable Gheists Drifting Inexorably Towards Their Prey, Each Attacks With A 2-Handed Hunter’s Glaive
  • 20 Chainrasp, Each Armed With A Malignant Weapon

Books & Accessories:

  • Full A4 Size Hardback Rulebook Containing 320 Pages Of Rules, Background Information, Campaigns And Everything You Need To Get Started With Age Of Sigmar
  • A Getting Started Booklet To Guide You Through Your First Games Of Age Of Sigmar
  • 32-Page Booklet Covering The Basics Of The Soul Wars Setting
  • 13 Warscroll Cards And All The Basic Accessories You Need To Play The Game (Ruler And Turquoise Dice)

The forces of Chaos and Death run rampant throughout the contested realms, carving swaths of destruction as they go.

But the members of the Sacrosanct chamber of the Stormcast Eternals step from the very anvil used to forge new Stormcast, to take the fight directly to the ethereal Nighthaunt attempting to steal away fresh souls to the realm of Death.