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Battletome: Lumineth Realm Lords (HB)

Battletome: Lumineth Realm Lords (HB)

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Battletome: Lumineth Realm-Lords (HB) contains:

  • Allegiance Abilities For Lumineth, Including A Variety Of Battle Traits
  • 2 Spell Lores
  • 2 Battleplans That Allow You To Fight Thrilling Narrative Battles That Suit The Lumineth Realm-Lords Ways Of War
  • Rules For Creating A Lumineth Warband For Path To Glory, Including Champion And Followers Rewards Tables
  • 4 Warscroll Battalions
  • 13 Warscrolls, And 3 Endless Spell Warscrolls
  • Pitched Battle Profiles For All Units And Endless Spells Featured In This Battletome