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Black Coach

Black Coach

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The Nighthaunt Black Coach box set contains:

Components necessary to assemble 1 Nighthaunt Undead Black Coach

The Black coach houses a casket containing a bound vampire, who can be seen should you choose to model the casket with its lid off

The wheels are wrought from ornate iron – 2 small wheels at the front, 2 larger wheels at the back – with skulls and hourglasses representing death dotted symbolically around

3 Relic Bearers are careening alongside the Coach, carrying a sword, book and goblet, the personal effects of the vampire being transported.

A Cairn Wraith is driving the Coach forward, who can be modelled wearing either a hood or a crown – he can carry a soulreach grasp, a reaper scythe or be modelled with empty, gesturing hands

4 Nightmares pull the Coach, borne aloft on wisps of ethereal energy – the 2 front Nightmares wear enormous spiked funeral crests

This kit comes as 58 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm Oval base