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Black Powder: French Chasseurs à Cheval

Black Powder: French Chasseurs à Cheval

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Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815 French Chasseurs A Cheval Light Cavalry Box Set contains:

  • 12 Plastic Easy-Build French Light Cavalry
  • 1 Metal Officer And Horse
  • Optional Metal Parts To Make A Trumpeter And Eagle Bearer
  • Includes Options For Shako, Oilskin Covered Shakos And The Elite Company Colpack Fur Hat

Formed originally back in 1743, the Chasseurs à Cheval (mounted hunters) were hard riding, green clad light cavalry whose main role was patrolling and raiding for the French armies. A good Chasseur was at home on his light horse, skirmishing with the enemy cavalry or scouting enemy movements and thus providing valuable intelligence for their commanders.

Armed with carbine, curved sabre and bayonet (an item disliked by the cavalrymen who used it to dig up vegetables or ‘lost’ it on campaign) the Chasseurs were most happy in the saddle, although they were also trained to fight on foot should the need arise.

At the height of the French Army under Bonaparte’s reign there were 31 regiments of Chasseurs à Cheval although only 15 regiments were available for the titanic Hundred Days campaign that culminated at the Battle of Waterloo. Warlord Games superbly detailed Chasseurs à Cheval are provided with covered and uncovered shakos as well as the colpacks favoured by the elite companies.