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Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

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This box set contains:

  • 5 Multi-Part Plastic Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard This 95-Piece Kit Includes:
  • 15 Different Heads (Five With Helmets, Five Bare Heads And Five Death Masks)
  • 15 Elaborate Shoulder Pads
  • 5 Glaives Encarmine
  • 6 Angelus Boltguns
  • 1 Inferno Pistol
  • 1 Plasma Pistol
  • 5 Variations Of Legs And Five Different Torsos
  • Also Included Are A Banner With Sculpted Detailing And A Range Of Pouches And Blood Angels Accessories That Allow You To Further Customise Your Unit
  • Models Supplied With 25mm Round Bases