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Dropfleet Commander PHR Frigate Box

Dropfleet Commander PHR Frigate Box

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The PHR Frigate Box Set contains:

  • 8 PHR Frigates
  • Typical Length 73mm
  • 72 Parts For All Eight Ships (Including Optional Ones)

These multi-part hard plastic lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as up to five different classes, including frigates and strike carriers

NOTE: All ships are provided with a multi-part Dropfleet flight stand, designed to track in-game status without the use of tokens. A maximum of 4 of the same class of ship can be built from this set.

Frigates are small, fast combat vessels designed primarily for flanking and first strike missions. They are the most common fighting ship type present in most fleets in the Reconquest. Some variants also provide vital support roles complementing the efforts of the main fleet.