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1 Drukhari Incubi box set contains:

  • 6 Multi-Part Plastic Miniatures
  • 6 X Citadel 28mm Round Bases

A ferociously obsessed mercenary company of warriors within Drukhari society, the Incubi are faceless masters of their preferred weapon, the Klaive.

Dedicated to perfecting their Killing Strike, by practicing as often and as cruelly as possible, the Incubi are a broken reflection of the Craftworld Aspect shrines. Wielding their weapons with deadly precision in battle, an Incubus shatters weapons and scythes through enemies with a cold & sinister grace.

Ever in high demand, these killers are efficient, and any Drukhari Archon would do well to spend some of their raiders' spoils in order to secure an order of these blade masters.