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Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers

Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers

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The Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers multi-part plastic kit makes either 5 Khorne Wrathmongers or 5 Khorne Skullreapers

This kit contains a wealth of customisation options!5 sets of armoured legs (one of which is designed to resemble Bloodletter legs)10 unique torsos10 individual sets of armour, with optional additional shoulder armour5 helmeted headsParts for a full command quad (champion, musician and standard bearer), with additional mutationsThe skull reapers have a choice of 13 weapons, from swords, axes, maces and knives, as well as one double-handed axe. And 8 ensorcelled weapons, with one being a double-handed sword

There are a choice of seven bare heads that sport a variety of mutations, from horns, studded foreheads and even a bestial dog face. Each Skullreaper sports a trophy rack on his back, and the Champion is distinguished by his double trophy rack.

The Khorne Wrathmongers box set has 97 components and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases