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Knight Desecrator

Knight Desecrator

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The Chaos Knights: Knight Desecrator box set contains:

  • 119 Components To Assemble 1 Desecrator OR 1 Rampager

Includes a Citadel 170mm oval base and a Chaos Knight transfer sheet, which features iconography for Houses Lucaris, Herpetrax, and Khymere, as well as a huge variety of Chaos runes and markings.

The Desecrator has access to a variety of close to mid range weaponry for hunting enemy armour, while the Rampager is a dedicated close combat monster capable of covering considerable distance on powerful legs.

Imperial Knights govern themselves with strict adherence to protocol and martial tradition. Chaos twists these codes into fiery ambition, their crews long dead and bound to their warp-touched warmachine as they seek greater glory in the crucible of war.

Not all Chaos knights are daemon engines, but the end product remains the same: an aggressive force of destruction that exists to sow death & destruction for glory and favour of the dark gods.