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Liekoron the Executioner

Liekoron the Executioner

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The Nighthaunt Liekoron The Executioner box set contains:

Components necessary to assemble 1 Liekoron, Nighthaunt Undead executioner

Despatched under Nagash's unholy blessing, Liekoron wields the badge of his grisly station with ruthless efficiency

Looming large over a ruined headstone, Liekeron is depicted as a sinister, hunched spirit, half corporeal and half ethereal, whose skull-like face is picked out beneath a ragged cowl.

He holds a well-used decapitating greataxe in his right hand, notched and worn by constant use; his left hand can be modelled clutching a grave-sand filled hourglass, or alternately pointing toward his next victim.

Around him whirl 3 furious spirits, the shrieking ghosts of innocents wrongly murdered by the Executioner in life, bound to him forever. This kit comes as 8 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.