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Necromunda Dark Uprising

Necromunda Dark Uprising

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1 Necromunda: Dark Uprising contains:

27 Plastic models

  • 15 Corpse Grinder Cultists
  • 6 Palanite Subjugators
  • 5 Palanite Enforcers
  • 1 Double-Sided Game Mat
  • 1 X 128pp Softback Rulebook (Full Rules Plus Recent Errata Changes!)
  • 17 Sprues Of Plastic Zone Mortalis Terrain

The all-too-human psyches of the crews tasked with "recycling the dead" in order to feed the rest of the Hives on Necromunda have snapped, giving way to heretical thoughts of sedition and madness.

Not content to stand idle while corruption sweeps through the Underhive in a wave of bloodshed, the Palanite enforcers enter the hive in force, prepared to inflict as much brutality as necessary to quell the uprising, be it from gangers or the crazed Corpse Grinders.

For the first time, PLASTIC Zone Mortalis scenery is available for Necromunda Underhive!

This box set is overflowing with BRAND NEW Sculpts and exclusive terrain, as well as a rulebook with full rules and the most up to date errata reflected inside!