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Palanite Enforcer Patrol

Palanite Enforcer Patrol

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Rules for using the Enforcers may be found in the Book Of Judgement expansion

1 Necromunda Underhive Palanite Enforcer Patrol pack contains:

  • 6 Enforcer Shotguns6 Enforcer Boltguns
  • 12 Autopistols
  • 6 Stub Guns
  • 2 Stub Guns With Flashlights
  • 2 Sniper Rifles
  • 2 Shock Batons
  • 2 Concussion Carbines
  • 2 Magnacles
  • 12 Heads In 6 Different Designs
  • This Plastic Kit Is Made Up Of 156 Components And Makes 10 Palanite Enforcers. It Is Supplied With Ten 25mm Necromunda Bases And A Palanite Enforcer Patrol Transfer Sheet.

Rules For Using A Patrol Can Be Found In The Book Of Judgement.

The Underhive is ruled by gang violence, and that is not set to change any time soon.

But Imperial hives maintain a standing police force in order to enforce a sense of law & order, especially in the upper hives (and to keep gangs from the lower hive out!). Laws can vary from hive to hive, and their enforcement even more, and it can safely be assumed that most of them are observed with unrestrained belligerence.

Enforcers are closer to House Helmawr’s personal army than an impartial judicator however, and are equipped with some of the finest arms & armour the planetary governor can afford for them.