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Scarcrag Snivellers

Scarcrag Snivellers

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The Blood Bowl Goblin Team box contains:

12 Models

  • Featuring 6 Pairs Of Unique Bodies And 7 Pairs Of Unique Heads, Meaning No Two Goblin Teams Need Look Alike
  • There Are Also 6 Goblin Team Balls, Featuring The Kind Of Dirty Tricks The Scarcrag Snivellers Frown Upon – 2 Deflated, 2 With Goblins Stuck In Them And 2 Stuffed With Dynamite – 2 Turn Counters And 2 Double-Sided Team Tokens
  • The 54-Component Kit Is Supplied With 12 32mm Blood Bowl Bases And A 1,000,000 Gold Piece Roster, Including 8 (Eight!) Team Re-Rolls And Fan Factor 4!
  • Rules For Goblin Teams Can Be Found In Blood Bowl Death Zone Season Two