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Space Marine Primaris Apothecary

Space Marine Primaris Apothecary

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  • The Space Marine Primary Apothecary Box Set Contains The Components Necessary To Assemble A Primaris Apothecary
  • Strung Around The Chest Plate Are Several Canopic Jars, Bearing Purity Seals: These Are Filled With Progenoid Organs That Have Passed His Scrutiny, And Will Be Used In The Creation Of Further Primaris Space Marines
  • In His Right Hand He Clutches A Freshly-Hewn Organ Upon Which His Gaze Is Fixed; Another Canopic Jar Hangs From His Arm, Ready
  • His Left Arm Holds A Narthecium, The Grisly Instrument Of His Craft, Though This Can Be Replaced With An Optional Absolver Pistol (Often The Last Thing A Fallen Brother Will See…)
  • The Primaris Apothecary Comes As 28 Components, And Is Supplied With A Citadel 40mm Round Base
  • The Kit Also Includes A Ultramarines-Character Transfer Sheet, Which Features Captain, Chaplain, Librarian And Lieutenant Iconography
  • No Chapter Iconography Sculpted Onto The Miniature, So It Can Be Painted To Suit Your Own Chapter