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Space Marine Primaris Hellblasters

Space Marine Primaris Hellblasters

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  • The Primaris Hellblaster Squad Box Set Contains Enough Components To Assemble 10 Primaris Hellblasters
  • The Models Can Be Assembled As Either A 10-Man Squad, A Squad Of 9 Hellblasters With A Sergeant Or 2 Separate 5-Man Squads, Each With A Sergeant Of Their Own
  • There Are 10 Plasma Incinerators Included, With The Components Required To Turn Any Of Them Into An Assault Plasma Incinerator Or Heavy Plasma Incinerator
  • The Assault And Heavy Variants Feature Alternate Muzzles, Ammunition Flasks And Different Cabling Attaching The Weapon To The Hellblasters’ Backpack
  • There Are 4 Incinerators Which Are Being Carried Rather Than Aimed; You Have The Option To Arm 4 Hellblasters With Plasma Pistols In The Other Hand
  • No Chapter Iconography Sculpted Onto The Miniatures, So They Can Be Painted To Suit Your Own Chapter