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Warhammer 40k Command Edition

Warhammer 40k Command Edition

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The Warhammer 40,000: Command Edition s an excellent box set to get into the world of Warhammer 40,000, it includes everything you need to learn and play this spectacular game and comes with 2 complete armies so once they are built you can hit the ground running. The included 'The Rules' book contains simplified rules for the miniatures in this set, as well as a series of 6 linked scenarios making it so easy to start playing.


  • 27x Push-fit Plastic Miniatures
  • 9x Space Marines
  • 18x Necrons
  • 10x Dice
  • 2x Range Rulers
  • 2x Quick Reference Sheets
  • 1x Space Marine Transfer Sheet
  • 12x Pieces of Push-fit Plastic Terrain
  • 1x Gaming Board
  • 1x 184-page Softback 'The Rules' book
  • 1x 80-page Command Manual